Off-grid vacation home with expansive glass walls and a roofline that mirrors the natural terrain.

Ridge Rest


Perched on a private lakeside promontory deep within a remote forest, this off-grid vacation home is designed to serve as a retreat for the owners’ family along with multiple guests. In addition to public gathering spaces and private bedroom suites, the design brief calls for remote work offices, a fitness studio, meditation space, and support spaces that in combination make the home suitable for short-term stays or for use as a permanent residence.

Open floor plan dining and living room with glass walls, offering panoramic views of the surrounding timber and natural landscape.

The design concept takes its inspiration from the project’s unique site characteristics. Program elements are woven together through a forested landscape, with public and private spaces arranged to take advantage of unique vistas and to provide multiple points of entry for a seamless connection to the outdoors. Wood and stone materials are employed for durability and take their cues from the surrounding forest and beachfront. Inside the home, floor levels step with the site’s natural topography and further the experience of traversing the site. Glass wall systems and oversized bi-folding doors erase the distinction between interior and exterior and put nature on full view. Roof forms follow the site’s natural slope and are situated to optimize solar access as well as rainwater harvesting. Throughout the interior and exterior, wood and stone finishes recall the natural materials found nearby in the forest and shoreline while also providing timelessness and durability.

Exterior view of Ridge Rest at night, glowing warmly from the lights inside, creating a welcoming atmosphere against the surrounding darkness.

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