The living room blends eras with cedar-paneled walls, Douglas fir floors, and salvaged fixtures. Nautical objects and antiques add a casual, beachy vibe.

Maury Island


​Our client found this 1890s house on Vashon Island. The place was a former shipbuilder’s cabin and had become a hodgepodge of decorative eras. Over the course of a year, we spearheaded a gut renovation of the home to give the place back its historic character that had been stripped away.​

The built-in bookshelves in the living room display nautical treasures and well-loved antiques, adding to the room's eclectic charm.
The living room vignette features a cozy sofa covered with a beach blanket, an antique side table with croquet pins, and shiplap white walls adorned with various framed artworks, creating a coastal-inspired and eclectic ambiance.
The sitting room, inspired by a mix of eras, features unique bamboo chairs and a Martz coffee table. Abundant natural light adds to the airy, modern feel.
The dining area is a blend of old and new, featuring a weathered dining table crafted with salvaged barn wood, complemented by an EAT sign for added charm.
The kitchen retains its 1950s cabinets painted in a gray-blue hue, complemented by aged brass hardware for a sea-captain vibe. Formica countertops offer a nostalgic nod to old beach cottages.
The main bedroom features white cedar-paneled walls, Douglas fir floors,  antique designer furniture and beachy rugs.
a circa-1920s soaking tub, sourced from Second Use in Seattle paired with signal flags found in Provincetown serves as drapery, adding a nautical touch.
The outdoor window seat, once the home's covered front porch, offers a cozy spot with the best view on the property. Protected from the elements, it's perfect for lounging in summer or winter, enjoying shelter and sea air.
The backyard is a coastal retreat, meticulously designed to reflect the beauty of its surroundings. The space is a seamless extension of the home, perfect for lounging and soaking up the sea air.
The exterior of the house is a blend of historic charm and coastal elegance, offering a warm welcome to the beachside retreat.

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