Spacious living room in the Lake Park Residence renovation, featuring abundant natural light and modern furnishings. The white walls create a bright backdrop that contrasts with the boldness of black art and furniture, adding a striking visual element to the room.

Lake Park Residence


The Lake Park Residence, located at the crest of a slope overlooking Lake Washington, was remodeled as a modern family home for active parents and three young children.

Once the residence of an early pacific northwest timber magnate, the shingle-style house was dark and harkened to an earlier era of formal, closed spaces. Previous renovations had removed or obscured the original details with dark woods and heavy materials. With a focus on bringing openness and luminosity, the renovation reconnected spaces, opened views to the lake and brought light into every room.

Entryway of the Lake Park Residence renovation, showcasing a modern design with a focus on natural light and clean lines
View from the living room of the Lake Park Residence renovation, with sunlight streaming through linen curtains, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.
View of the fireplace in the Lake Park Residence renovation, featuring a charcoal-colored stone surround. Many items in this shot are black and charcoal, besides the white walls and white antique rug.
Adjacent seating area in the Lake Park Residence renovation, featuring a departure from the dark and moody palette of the main living room.

A hidden library and underutilized sun porch were repurposed into his-and-her home offices. These spaces brought interconnectivity to family time and business. Then during the pandemic, these spaces provided much needed flexibility to support work-life balance and juggle the new challenges of remote work, school and childcare.

Office space in the Lake Park Residence renovation, characterized by sophisticated casework and trim that enhance its handsomeness. The attention to detail in the casework and trim adds a touch of refinement to the office, elevating its overall aesthetic. The combination of these elements creates a workspace that is both functional and stylish, perfect for a modern home office setting.

The design sought to embolden each space with a new freshness while restoring important historic details. Crisp and modern furnishings blended with historic plate glass windows, old-growth wood floors and traditional casework to bring a new life to this busy family home.

A serene dining room with a white and smokey gray color scheme, creating an elegant and tranquil ambiance.

The existing kitchen was cramped and isolated. Seven new windows were added to flood the kitchen and breakfast nook with sunlight throughout the day and provide views to the rear garden and play space. An unused secondary stair between kitchen and dining room was removed to add a wide, open connection to the dining room.

High Contrast Kitchen, featuring natural light and open shelving.
A cozy kitchen nook featuring built-in banquette seating, an Allied Maker light fixture, an oak-finish table, and black-and-white cabinetry.
A luxurious primary bathroom with white marble floors, chrome finishes, a vintage-style tub, and elegant white cabinets
A classic and traditional bathroom vanity featuring an all-white design, chrome finishes, and vertical sconces, adding a timeless elegance.

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