Our Hillside Sanctuary Project is a two-story Pacific Northwest Residence is nestled into a gentle slope, featuring a stone base and a glass and timber upper level.

Hillside Sanctuary

New Construction

The owner of this property came to us looking for a personal retreat inspired by a beloved stone Appalachian home lost to fire long ago. Our task was not to recreate it but rather to give its spirit new form in a distinctly Pacific Northwest location.

Taking inspiration from its remote site in the San Juan Islands, our design team conceived of the new home as a series of simple stone volumes growing naturally from their rugged surroundings. The site’s steep slope and the presence of a road directly behind it suggested a stone plinth and stone wall to form the base and rear of the house. A pair of massive stone fireplaces rising together within the home’s interior enhanced the concept, separating the main level into public and private realms flanking a central stone staircase. The extended plinth, finally, allowed the interior spaces to flow beyond the building envelope into a seamless outdoor living area with spectacular views.

The main house and the guest house relate to eachother in materials but have completely different architectural features.
The cabinets and concealed refrigerator are wrapped in various types of wood, adding warmth and texture to the kitchen space.
The public area features the wood stove, which is set within a stone wall that mimics the exterior cladding. Stone wraps other walls within the home, helping draw a connection to the natural setting.
The primary bedroom features warm wood paneling, a built-in window seat, and access to the patio. The room feels warm and inviting with its wood and glass elements.
The deep gray, minimal, and sleek bathroom occupies the stone bar at the rear of the house. It projects beyond to offer a view of the water from the bath and shower.
A detailed shot of the impressive stone fireplace surround, a focal point in the living space, showcasing its rugged texture and craftsmanship.
A cozy corner in the kitchen flooded with natural light, featuring concrete countertops and a large metal pendant light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
A spacious balcony outside the kitchen, perfect for outdoor dining, with a view of the guest house in the background, creating a serene outdoor living space.
view showcasing the main house and guest house, nestled in the natural surroundings, highlighting the unique design and serene setting of the property.
A guest standing on the balcony, taking in the breathtaking view, enjoying the tranquil surroundings of the Pacific Northwest.
The house glows warmly in the night, inviting guests with a cozy ambiance. Exterior storage is stocked with firewood, ready for gatherings.

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