Kat Larson

October 10 – December 31, 2017

Opening reception, Saturday October 14, 6 – 9pm

Hoedemaker​ Pfeiffer

​6113 13th Avenue South, Seattle WA 98108​​

Produced by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, curated by ​Bridge Productions​.

​In Kat Larson’s latest series of photographs and video, she continues the story of a being from another planet who crash lands on Earth. Intrigued by our world, the visitor begins to explore it only to find their strength weakened by the deficit of love and compassion, and begins to slowly fade away. Over time, they become a ghost with no means to return home. This intimate, tender story serves as a parable to the power of connection, perseverance, and strength of the spirit. Larson weaves this story into the viewer’s ability to empathize through her compelling and empathetic storytelling.

Larson talks about the importance of critically investigating the self, to guide our understanding of each other and the collective human experience. She is guiding us through an investigative space in which we understand our place in a larger universe. Her pursuit of inquiry is philosophical, centered around personal and collective growth. Creating experiences that beckon the viewer to look more closely, and even participate, Larson hones in on themes of timeless moments to heighten the sensory, emotional, and mystical narratives that are analogous between humans. The slowness and simplicity of these themes belies the complexity of her intent, but lends a gravity and focus to the moment of emphasis; the power of these moments arriving in narratives which convey, as Larson says, “a terroir of self”. They are stories of sexuality, spirituality, ancestry, death, and the the ways humans stand in awe of that which is bigger than us — the Sublime.​