Heaven & Earth

May 1 – July 1, 2017

Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

​6113 13th Avenue South, Seattle WA 98108

In collaboration with onemoon, Beijing, we present Heaven & Earth, an exhibition of contemporary Chinese art.

Please join us for the opening reception Wednesday, May 3rd, 6-9pm.

A conversation with the curator, Jan Leaming, Saturday, May 6th, 2-3pm.

TianDi is a concept originated in Daoism that represents a view of the cosmos based on interdependent bi-polar energies, Heaven and Earth. It is most commonly represented as Yin Yang, the never-ending, continually reinventing, evolution of all things whose oppositions are comprehensive and permeate personal, social, political, and physical forces, as well as divine aspects of the world.

The Heaven and Earth exhibition is composed of work that demonstrates how Daoism lives today in the work of modern Chinese art. The exhibition exhibits the work of Chinese artists after 2005 in mainland China, except Hilda Shen’s Slices, which were created in New York. Daoism is so deeply embedded in the minds of Chinese that its representation may or may not represent a conscious effort to embody its principles.

The work deals primarily with landscapes of various types and in different media. This is consistent with the dominance of landscape as the primary genre throughout the history of Chinese art.

​onemoon​ is currently a consultancy for contemporary Chinese fine art in all media. It was founded as a gallery in 2004 in Beijing by Jan Leaming. It operated out of a Ming Dynasty courtyard including the sacrificial temple where offerings were made to Earth for good harvest during the coming season. In 2010 onemoon lost its lease of the magnificent property and converted to a consultancy, creating exhibitions such as this one, in different locations in China and the United States. Jan Leaming maintains an office in Beijing, a warehouse of paintings in Beijing and in the United States and places art for previous and new clients and for various art consultants and architects throughout the world.