Adjunct Appendages / Algoplex II

October 10 – December 1, 2017

Opening reception, Saturday, October 14, 6-9pm

Artist Talk, Saturday, November 11th, 4pm

Georgetown Art Attack, Saturday, November 11th, 6-9pm

Hoedemaker​ Pfeiffer Gallery

​6109 13th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98108

Wednesday - Saturday 11am-6pm

Program developed by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer and curated by ​Bridge Productions​.


Kim Van Someren and Ellen Ziegler

In this group show, Adjunct Appendages, artists use drawing, intaglio, and collage to question the arbitrary functions of bodies, structures, machinery, and limbs.

The characteristics of form shared between Ellen Ziegler and Kim Van Someren, rooted deeply in a tradition of draftsmanship, present organic masses and architectural objects as bodies with needs, functions, and absurdities. Extraneous limbs protrude from gargantuan figures, balancing precariously in motion. Cantilevered beams stretch out tentatively, impossibly long, searching the foreground like feelers. And strange polyps of excessive growth belie the form; their flesh extended and branching out like dendrils on synapses. Whether lesion, organ, fortress, or tool; these bodies toil and grow without end towards some designated function beyond the limits of our imagination.​


SPACEFILLER, a collaborative duo formed by Alex Miller and Alex Nagy presents an interactive video and digital installation. This piece incorporates a geometrical grid lattice on which a video display is projected and a control panel on which viewers will play. Rather than creating a circumstance in which the algorithm dictates our behavior, we are invited to find all the flaws and glitches in the program by way of exploration. In doing so, SPACEFILLER creates an algorithmic playground for viewers to explore the transitions between order and chaos in simulations of nature.​